The Diplomacy Story

A small bead of condensation, a tiny damp world of its own, slid down the glass toward the spongy coaster beneath.  For a moment, it was the only thing in the universe of any import.  With near breathless anticipation he watched, curious as to wear it would finally land.  Once it did, he recognized that the other person in the room deserved some attention, also.  Or instead.  Or…something.

“…you’ll have the full amenities afforded to you.”   then, a moment later, Mrs. Martinez, his supervisor, possibly seeing that he needed a refresher on what she had just said, added, “Are there any questions, Chris?”

He racked his brain for something intelligent to say, something that would make it appear that he wasn’t as clueless as a blind groundhog looking for a hole in the linoleum to bury itself in.  Sigihing, he finally said, “Well, why me?”


~ by Sean on February 4, 2017.

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