Secret Identities

For a while now, there’s been an argument/discussion going on about Superman, whether or not Clark Kent or Superman is the real version of the character, and how no matter what he’s wearing, he is still Superman.

Really, though, for most heroes with a secret identity, the same could be said. So, Bruce Wayne wasn’t born the great detective crime fighter, and Peter Parker had his illuminated arachnid encounter. I’ll grant that–but when he’s not in costume, is Bruce Wayne actually the playboy fop he pretends to be? Is Spider-Man any less the man he is in jeans and a sweatshirt?

Heroism doesn’t depend on a costume. Nor does villainy. Actually, a real villain usually doesn’t want the attention because A)attention would prevent them being able to move forward with The Plan, and B) if they realize what they’re up to makes them The Bad Guy they don’t want to be NOTICED being the bad guy, just at most an innocent bystander. Heroism, though–certainly, there are some heroics that need identities and indentification. Doctors come to mind. Police officers. Fire people. But what about the person who works to make sure people are fed? What about the person who sees a homeless person and gets them food?

What about politics? That’s the realm of the most secret of identities, it seems. A politician in the old days had to appeal to the base, work for their causes, and not be seen to be all that controversial. Now, it seems they welcome the controversy and want to turn it on its head to play themselves as the victims.

It’s a weird time.


~ by Sean on February 3, 2017.

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