If I Were To Make A Trek Show….

First off, I’ve considered it.  The cost and time involved make the consideration die aborning.  Still, were I to do it, here’s what it’d be.

It’d be ship-based, more exploratory, part of the whole boldly-go thing.  If there was one thing that I thought TOS had over the later shows, it was the new races and civilizations.  There’s more to the galaxy than Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians.

Sometimes the ship would run into things that no one had ever seen, and it wouldn’t be understood at the end of the story.  Think Doomsday Machine.

There would be at least one or two jerks in the crew, just to keep it interesting.  Story lines where everyone gets along aren’t as fun to write as people who really dislike each other.

The ship would be sort of middle-sized, but not particularly significant.  No saving the entire Federation every other week.  Who they run into is more interesting.

The captain would probably like the rules and regulations, but they keep running into things where the rules and regs don’t help much.  The rest of the crew would have to help him adapt.   The first officer would be a little more adventurous, but not always the wisest person to go to.  The navigator would be an Andorian who wanted to get away from Andor because he finds snow dull.


~ by Sean on July 3, 2015.

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