The I’s Don’t Have It

It seems an evolution in writing is taking place. I expect this is, largely, due to text messaging and people accessing the internet over their phones. What is this?

A large group of people, when telling about something they’re doing, leave out the subject. Rather than saying, “I’m leaving the house for the airport, where I’ll fly to Timbuktu,” for example, it’ll read thusly. “Leaving the house, and flying to Timbuktu.”  If someone feels longing for another, it’s “Missing so-and-so.”  WHO, specifically, is missing them?  A myopic sniper?

I love words.  Long words, medium sized words, and itty bitty dinky words consisting of only a single character.  Put these words in.  Make it clear that YOU are going to the movies to guzzle popcorn and Slim Jims.  Don’t make future cryptolinguists wonder if the early twenty-first century suffered from some bizarre Orwellian groupthink.


~ by Sean on June 22, 2015.

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