How Stupid ARE Some People?

The Clone’s school district is very anti-bully happy. Anti-bullying posters abound throughout the place, there are Anti-Bully Zone placards out by the curb. They’re just not particularly good at the anti-bully execution. Case in point: Recent events involving the previously mentioned Clone.

He doesn’t feel like he makes friends readily. How far this is from the truth could be debated. Well, he has been hanging around with a few guys who crossed the border into unpleasantness some time ago. They’re continually poking at him, giving him the finger, and just being generally intimidating. The clone, ever resourceful, recorded this on his phone so we could see what was happening.

His school has a man who is in charge of discipline. This person, and I use that term generously, was apparently a police officer earlier in his career. I’ve spoken to him on various occasions, once when my kid came home from a fourth period class with rope marks on his forearm. In getting ready to leave a class, he sat in an open seat to tie his sneaker, which another kid, not the seat’s assignee, took issue with and pulled the strings on his gym bag so tightly to leave the marks mentioned. The teacher was not in the class to witness this. Remember that, it comes into play later. There was also an incident last year, where, during dodgeball, the Clone threw his arm out and caught a kid across the neck who’d been running from the side. The Clone was disciplined for this. I called for an explanation as to the reasoning, where the teachers were during this, and where the logic was in disciplining someone for partaking of a game organized by the apparently absent teachers. I never received a satisfactory explanation. Remember this also.

We decided it was necessary to meet with this person to try to resolve the situation. I went over, showed the video, and he had videos of his own where my son was sitting with the same kids, seemingly getting along famously. Disciplineboy, against our wishes, called my son into the room and spoke to him about this. I was told repeatedly that he shouldn’t have had his phone out, to which I repeatedly said he’d done it to show evidence. I had to wonder where the priorities were. The kid was getting more and more uncomfortable as it was “recommended” that he eat somewhere else. This was also taking place where they share classes, and the response was, “Well, they decide to work together.” We told Disciplineboy this can’t keep happening.

Forward a week. The Clone comes home and tells me Disciplineboy pulled him into the office to tell him that one of the kids had reportedly said he was bringing a shotgun, which he’d been bragging about getting for his birthday for months, into school and was going to shoot the Clone, as well as other people. My son told us this at 7:30PM when we were in a store. My wife and I looked at each other, her scared, me infuriated. This was Thursday, which is my first night off after my work week. I hadn’t slept all that much during the day, so by the time we got home I was ready to drop. My wife, on the other hand, hardly slept a wink after this news. I drove the kid to the bus stop, and once he was on board, I called the school, asking for the principal.
“He’s in a meeting,” his secretary told me. “Would you like his voice mail?”
“No,” I responded, “Get him on the phone now.”
“What is this in reference to?” she asked.
“This is in reference to shotgun threats being made against my son in your building and no one notifying us. Now get him on the phone.”
“Well, he’s in a meeting and I can’t reach him.”
“Is the meeting about my son being threatened with a shotgun?”
“Then go inside, and get him. I can’t imagine anything he’s talking about being more important than that today.”
We argued back and forth for a few minutes, with first me ready to drive the five minutes to get to the school and then, my wife being slightly calmer, waiting until I got the call back from the mysteriously placed prinicipal. I told him I wanted a meeting immediately, the current time being 7:45. He said he could meet with us at 8:15. I said that would be fine, and I was going to get explanations. We got there at 7:55 and waited. At 8:13, the principal and his lackey, Disciplineboy, brought us into the office. My wife and I declared how mystified we were that all this could take place and no one think to notify us. Turns out, according to them, the threat wasn’t against the kid, but he HEARD it. My response to this was, “I don’t CARE. If anything with firearms is taking place anywhere around my kid, I WANT TO KNOW.” We then explained about the incident we’d already met about, I showed the video on my phone when the principal was unaware of it, and h ALSO stated the kid shouldn’t have had his phone out. My wife and I then both questioned where their priorities were. We were then informed the investigation was ongoing. I informed them that while they were investigating, my son could’ve ended up with a bullet in his brain since there is no security measure against this in the building. I told both of them that neither were to speak to the Clone unless I was in the room. We went back and forth for several minutes, with the principal ending with a request to me that if there’s a problem to go to him, not his secretary. I told him I was trying to, reiterating that I didn’t believe there was any matter worth a meeting more important than the threat of gun violence. He then asked that I apologize to the secretary. I did, with the proviso that if our situations reversed, I was certain the secretary or the principal would act with the same urgency.

Fast forward a bit. The end of the day. The school is doing standardized tests this week. They had a pep rally(a pep rally for STANDARDIZED TESTS? Methinks they protest too much. Or something.) and, afterward, they went back to their homerooms. A kid that had been thrown out of the Clone’s karate school for actions by his mother, who was also slightly mental, threatened to take of the Clone’s head and two other kids, while slapping them. Again, no teachers to be seen. I heard about this and promptly called my victim, er, the principal. He said he’d look into it. That was Friday. I can’t wait to hear what he reports today.


~ by Sean on April 13, 2015.

2 Responses to “How Stupid ARE Some People?”

  1. I left this one alone for a bit, expecting a followup.

    Sadly, this describes a lot of my local school district. One of several reasons we’re biting the bullet and home schooling.

  2. Here’s a follow-up. Friday was field day. Brian was waiting in line for 21 by the basketball court. A couple of kids were being annoying, including one who used to be on Brian’s wrestling team. The business teacher saw they needed another kid for the other team, so she pulls over one of the kids who ventured into unpleasantness. This teacher, who had no idea of the history or our desires to keep them all separate, sticks him right in front of Brian. The kid takes exception to this, things were said or at least muttered, and this kid starts cursing loudly and shoving Brian. They call me to tell me, and as I was heading over to pick him up, I get right over. Getting into the office, I see my son cum pressure cooker about to blow. After spending a weekend unsure of the result, yesterday we learned the other kid got in school suspension.

    Home school starts to look better and better.

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