Showing Kids The Magic In The World

In the second of our run up to Father’s Day—

Do you guys remember waaaaaaaaaaay back when, when I had my Chryslers? Of course you do!

Greencar and Greycar, named after their colors, aren’t I clever? There were remote controls for the locks and the trunks. The trunks are where this story lies.

Back when Brian was a lot younger, he looked at everything in the world with wonder, his sense of awe palpable to everyone. I wanted to nurture that, so whenever we were coming toward the car and needed the trunk open, I wanted him to help.
“Bud,” I’d say, “ask the trunk to open.”
First time he looked at me as though radishes were sprouting from my nostrils. “Huh?”
“Say,’Please open, Mr. Trunk,’ and see what happens.”
Like the obedient tyke he was, he said his line and MIRACLE OF MIRACLES, the trunk would spring open!! There was shock and wonder and “Wow, that’s cool!” to be had.

So for the next few years, every time we were at a store or the beach or wherever, “Please open, Mr. Trunk.” SPROINNNNG!

“It only works for you, Best Friend,” I’d tell him. “You’re special, and the car knows that.” Okay, so I was pushing it.

Time came that both Chryslers went to the Big Car Farm To Live Out Their Days. Brian was still convinced that his voice, sorry, Voice, could open the trunks. I eventually spilled the beans when he was a little older, but I don’t think he bought it. There was evidence; he’d seen it happen. So, Mr. Science Whiz looks at everything and wants to understand it, but he still knows how to just see something and accept it.

That’s not a bad thing.


~ by Sean on June 11, 2014.

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