Fatherly Heroics

I’ve posted before about my dad.  There’s a story that I thought I’d put up here, but evidently I had not.  So, for Father’s Day, here you are.

So, you guys remember Dad, right?  Tall guy, looks like me, tough, good guy.  Remember how he tried to drive to work on a compound fracture?  Yeah, that’s not the biggest thing he ever did while not 100%. 

Dad had colon cancer.  So, he ends up getting three hundred and fifty miles of intestine cut out of his abdomen.  Still, he was more worried about Mom.  That’s not this story.  So, he gets out of the hospital.  Finally gets cleared to go back to work.  With me still?  This is gonna turn into a slight history lesson, so bear with me. 

This was 1996.  He worked at the MOTBY in Bayonne.  The base was one of the ones they decided to close in the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure actions.  So, being an Army base that’s scheduled to close at some point in the future, what do they do?  They removed the security from the checkpoints.  Eh, what could be the problem there?

So, here’s Dad, sitting in his office.  There’s a commotion outside the office.  He gets up to see what all the hubbub is about, and he sees a large fellow hitting one of his clerks.  He yells, grabs the guy’s arm, and throws him against the file cabinets.  Peter, one of the other guys in the office, grabs the guy’s other arm.   Only then does the fresh-out-of-cancer-therapy-and-getting-most-of-his-guts-removed fellow look at the hand he’s holding against the cabinet.

You know, the hand, holding the big knife that even Paul Hogan would respect. 

I never verified it, but I’m quite certain the thought that went through is head was something to the effect of “Hol-eeeee shit!” 

One of Dad’s other clerks was a, ahem, largish woman.  They called her Miss Piggy behind her back.  Dad and Peter wrestle the guy to the ground and Miss Piggy sits on him until what security is left and the police and ambulance get there. 

After making statements and telling everyone who asks, that’s when Dad had to do the really risky thing.  He had to tell Mom.  He calls her and tells her, “Something happened.”

Mom thinks his incision’s come open, he’s in the hospital, some horror along those lines.  No, no, nothing like that, he tells her, and proceeds to explain.  As they told us later, Mom’s response was, and I quote, “You stupid son of a bitch!”  She calmed down by the time he got home.

When he goes into work the next day, there are banners and cards and food and all across the banners and the cards everyone is calling him Hulk.  The general put Dad (and the others) in for the highest civilian medal the Army gives,  the Distinguished Service Medal.  The whole family, my aunts, my uncles, Stace, my sisters, wwe all go to DC to see the cermony.  They’re the last ones to go up. 

That’s the kind of guy he was.  That’s what my kid has to look up to, and I couldn’t be prouder of either of them.

Dad Getting His Medal Small


~ by Sean on June 10, 2014.

2 Responses to “Fatherly Heroics”

  1. Me, being me, of course I filmed the whole ceremony. The Pentagon also filmed it. We HAD both tapes, but now I don’t know where they are. That makes me slightly peeved.

  2. My sister has them! Hooray!

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