Pretty cool

That this site has been evidently visited by people in 44 different countries.  How many came looking for pictures of secret moon bases instead of my wit and wisdom can only be guessed.

It’s also kinda cool that I have a place to put all my work where other people can see it.  How many WANT to is, again, open to interpretation.

The vast majority of my friends, upon reading that last, are likely to line up to smack me.

Half the reason, maybe more, percentages not really my strongest suit, that I don’t finish a lot of what I write is a pronounced sense of ennui.  Not on my part, because I’d love to finish all of my work, but on my audience’s.  I get so little feedback except from my usual visitors that it’s easy to talk myself into thinking no one cares.  I know the end to Perception.  I’d say anyone with half a brain could figure it out at this point, but that’s part of that self-deprecation again.


~ by Sean on May 12, 2014.

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