Well, what’s been happening recently? In the world? Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, a disappearing plane…but that’s not at all interesting. I know what you REALLY want to hear is what’s happening with ME. I’m THAT important. Isn’t it good to have ego strength?

I have a friend who is a marvelous cook, as well as being good at a whole lot of other stuff. She was trying to get onto the Food Network or the Cooking Channel, so she wanted to put something together. She was looking for someone to shoot it, After much life getting in the way, finally her schedule and mind coalesce into a day where we can do it. I have the cameras ready, the sticks ready, the case is locked–

See, that’s a thing with me. Since I got the keys to my case from the manufacturer who was nice enough to send them to me, I’ve had this irrational fear that if I drive with the case UNlocked, it’s gonna come open in either the backseat or the trunk and kill all my toys, er, camera. Back to the action.

–and I go over to her place. We film for a couple hours, she makes mayo, ranch dressing, ketchup, bread, peanut butter, and roasted garlic. By the time we were done, I was STARVING. My camera, in addition to only being SD, doesn’t capture smells. More’s the pity. I take one of her blank recipe cards, rework it in Photoshop so instead to saying “FROM THE KITCHEN OF” or something it says “FROM FAITHE’S KITCHEN.” I throw that into Premiere, key out the white, presto, instant border.

I said WAAAAAY back there she made peanut butter. Grinding peanuts is REALLY loud. Another reason for me to get a lavalier mike, but I don’t have the cash yet. I take the file on the laptop to work to play with the audio. Lou, an audio guy also stuck in master control, said there ain’t no way I’m ever gonna fix it. Forty five minutes after he left and after playing with lots of frequencies in Audition (Cripes, this thing is turning into an Adobe ad) I made it better. I add ingredients and cook times as titles, and chop them into usable chunks. I’m thinking of recording some guitar (yes, I have one, I know some chords, but not music) for a bed. Now we’re trying to figure out what to do with all this. I put them on YouTube, but it’d be nice if we could get someone interested in distribution. Still looking around.

Meanwhile, my wife’s company seems to be in the middle of either imploding or otherwise self-destructing. And I’m fighting a cold.


~ by Sean on March 18, 2014.

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