Almost 14

So, what did YOU do for the holidays?

Me? I worked, but as I’m back on overnights, I was home for the important stuff. Spoke to a guy at work, told him we’d gotten Brian the Wii U and the new laptop. He asked why we’d gone for both, and if one or the other wouldn’t have been sufficient. He’s not always the most pleasant of people, but this time he was just curious. I told him we’d had the money thanks to some overtime, so we decided to splurge.

So, the clone has a flaptop, the Pretty has his old flaptop, and I still have my desktop. My sister was the first to coin the phrase flaptop as far as we know, so it’s become the vernacular.

I’ve done a full year of master control. This actually means very little, since we do so little here. I’ve begun training myself on Final Cut Pro. Going to get certified on that soon, so I can get a real TV job, get away from what I’m doing now. I miss full-time camera work. The most creative thing I do at work NOW is coming up with ways to stay awake. Love to get into some kind of performance job.

We’ll just have to see what ’14 brings.


~ by Sean on December 30, 2013.

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