I’m trying. I’m working. Am I wildly successful in my profession? Nope. Am I making money? Some. Now the hard question. Is there a future for me in this? HERE? Doubt it, but I’ll stay until something better comes along. In production in general? Hope so.

I posted about Perception on Facebook. Got diddlysquat in the way of response. Could be maybe that I’m lousy at advertising, could be people don’t have the patience to read sixty-odd pages off a website. How the hell did my “short” story get to that many pages without even being finished? Truthfully, though, most of my work on Facebook doesn’t get noticed. Posted Hush there in September 2011, don’t know that anyone’s ever seen it. I’m trying to get read. Perhaps, were I to be honest, to get noticed. Noticed by someone who might have the connections to get me MORE noticed.

I realized not long ago that my career has taken me down paths I never intended. I got into broadcasting to do radio, voice performance, CREATE…instead I monitor infomercials and run sports replays. Hence, my professional ennui, coupled with working with some of the least professional people this side of Cranky Twits R Us. Going to try to get more production/performance work in the next year. Go back to CSB, try to dig up some prospects.


~ by Sean on December 23, 2013.

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