Over on the Star Trek Continues Facebook page, they’ve posted what a Trek holiday episode would be. There were, at that point, about two dozen or so replies, Kirk’s first Christmas on Farragut, Spock posing as Santa, McCoy’s Christmas with Joanna.

Did I do any of that? Nuh uh. In ten minutes I created a star system, one advanced, one not. Nasty ion storm bounces a transporter beam to the less advanced planet on the eve of their biggest holiday, where the Learned will interpret the Signs. Turns out one of the Learned is from the other planet, who are paranoid about their less-developed cousins. Lots of stuff happens, turns out the more advanced are far more miserable because they don’t let themselves enjoy life.

Only one person’s “liked” it so far.

I need to “create” a way to make money doing this.


~ by Sean on December 23, 2013.

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