Thinking about confidence earlier tonight.  See, I’m either REALLY, REALLY confident, or REALLY, REALLY not.  Depends entirely on the situation.  TV production?  Fairly confident  I know how to shoot, I know how to cut.  The not-confident part comes from being in TV since 2000 and not really moving up.  I know there’s still stuff I don’t know, but I try to learn.  Learned something new tonight, in fact. 

How about women?  Well, I’m confident enough to know I’m married.    Stace has told me how many women at Comp were interested in me, but I always used to half-think she was just trying to build my ego up.  Then came the job at the post office distribution center.  Me, being me, I talk to EVERYONE.  Jokes, songs, encouragement, help, they all come out of me.  Apparently, this was noticed.  This was noticed so much that several of the women bemoaned the fact that I’d be leaving.  One of them pulled me aside and pushed a note with her phone number into my hand.  She wanted to go out with me.  The fact that I was, you know, married, well, that didn’t matter.  HOOO-boy. 

What about my talents?  I’ve had enough people compliment my writing so that I feel pretty good there.  Why don’t I finish anything then?  Partially because I’m always coming up with new things to start, partially because there’s things like work and sleep that get in the way.  Not to mention Evil Dead video games.  I’ve done professional voice work for a while, although not much lately.


~ by Sean on November 4, 2013.

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