Dedication, Karate, and the Things I’ll Do For My Kid

One of the themes at Brian’s karate school last few classes has been dedication. Staying dedicated to karate, school, the kids’ eventual jobs–that sorta thing.

Am I dedicated to video anymore? I still like it, its still satisfying when I do production. My job isn’t production. I’m dedicated to my family, so I go. I’ve done shoots with production companies without getting paid, Good music, got to use some skills that I hadn’t in a while, great people, but still I got into production to make money, not only do good work. So I keep going to a job that I don’t like all that much because I’m dedicated to making myself better and taking care of my family.
June at Brian’s karate school, father’s are free. So, I’ve had three classes. Part of the warm up is running. Hoo-boy. Had a problem with breathing while running for a while, and this was made worse by the accident collapsing my lungs. Still, I kept going. Mr. Atkins, the head instructor and seven-time world karate champion with 1350 some odd trophies to his name, saw me struggling. He says to me, “Mr. Scullin–” I didn’t correct him, and not just because I was winded. It’s close enough, and as long as he says BRIAN’s name correctly,or calls him Donatello(because of his bo) then I’m good. “Don’t push yourself TOO hard.” I answered that I didn’t want to let Brian down or make him ashamed of me. Sorta dedicated to the kid? Yeah. I also wanted him to see me pushing through the difficulty. There are posts talking about my dad, some of what he did. I can do no less. I want to inspire him.
Believe it or not, there is a common thread here. See, the I’ve done video of the demo teams at different tournaments. I also shot the katas before one of the tournaments so the student could go to youtube to make sure they’re doing the right moves. Doing THAT got Brian his bo and the training for it WAAAAAY early, back when he was an orange belt. They’re not supposed to do weapons until they’re green belts, where he is now. Weeks ago, Mr. Atkins–remember Mr. Atkins?–asks if I can do a couple shoots because ALL the demo teams are going to perform at the Wells Fargo Center during halftime of a Philadelphia Soul AFL game. These people have helped Brian so much, I’d NEVER say no. And a chance to play with my toys, GREAT! So, I’ve shot three times, cut them together, played with my new multicam feature in Premiere, threw them up on YouTube.

Still with me? Okay, good. I mean, this isn’t Perception, but its pretty lengthy. So, June the fathers are free. If the father goes to eight classes, the kid gets a star pin, red white and blue, all good. Brian wanted one, so I’m doing it. Doing until he gets the pin. Also, remember how he’s a green belt? They can start sparring. So, he’s gonna need sparring gear. I said to the owner, Mr. Clark, this morning Brian would like to start sparring. (How much of this is because the girl he really likes is doing it also remains to be seen.) I ask later how much it’ll be for the gear. “Well, for you, there’s a special price.” I thank him, and then he says, “With all the video work you’ve done, we’ll get it taken care of.”

See what being dedicated can do for your kid?


~ by Sean on June 8, 2013.

8 Responses to “Dedication, Karate, and the Things I’ll Do For My Kid”

  1. Where are the links to the videos?

  2. One of the older ones that I did is linked to at the Some Of My Videos thingamabobber over on the right. The newer ones the school asked me to keep private on YouTube just for the demo teams.

  3. Maybe you should do an exercise in ad work to polish your skills. Do a 30-60 second long YouTube “ad” for their school. See if they like it and want to use it. They get exposure, you get exposure and everybody wins a bit from the effort.

  4. We’ve been talking about that, actually. TV commercials are expensive to run, but a website link only costs what it takes to maintain the site.

  5. He finally got his star pin, if anyone’s interested. He’s also a brown belt now.

  6. Star pin?

  7. The one I got him for doing eight classes. He’d have his sparring gear now except the helmet wouldn’t go over his big ol’ head. Found out his next weapon is going to be the kamas. I’m going to have to really fight the urge once he gets them to either start sign Karma, er. Kama Chameleon or ask where the quotation marks are.

  8. He got the sparring gear tonight. Can’t wait to see it.

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