The Point

One of the problems I have sometimes is with the point. Seeing it, getting to it, avoiding getting stabbed by it.

A while and a job back, I let one of the engineers read Perception. The main character hadn’t even opened her eyes yet, and he gave up. The story is now at 27-some pages, and that’s just the first day, and about thirty seconds of the second. I finally got there, yay me! But our happy engineer couldn’t see the point in reading further. Somewhere I either read or heard or made up if you don’t have your reader by X number of sentences in, you’ve lost them. Considering most of the sentence fragments in the first part of the story consist of either “Beep” or inner monologue, I don’t know that I accomplished much where Mitch was concerned. But to return to the point, what IS the point of Perception? Initially, it was an exercise to build my writing skills. Several people, including some that weren’t intimidated by my size, have complimented my skills. Still, as Mr. Atkins, Brian’s 7-time world champion with 1300 trophies to his credit, always says, all skills can be improved. But the point of the tale? If you haven’t read it and the various comments, for SHAME, but the point is that reality is perception. Could I have done it shorter? Heck, yeah. But then the reader(that’s YOU, btw) wouldn’t smell her jammies, feel the frigid shock of the shower, or smell the dust in the carpet. When I write, I want to take the reader, or myself, on a trip.

When I work on a video, I try to be professional at all times. Even if it’s just the video Stace and Brian shot at the zoo Mother’s Day, I treat it like I’m being paid. I’m always hoping to get a better TV job, so the experience helps. Sometimes though, I look around work, see all the miserable people stuck in master control with no hope of getting out, I wonder why I keep trying. I seem to be in a dying industry. Not video, but working at a TV station. We’re so hurting for content that we air stuff that I wouldn’t have handed in the first time I shot camera, WAAAAAAY back in third grade. I still make some mistakes at work. Who doesn’t? Like one of my co-workers has said, we’re not performing brain surgery, so does it matter?

It matters to me. It matters because I want to feel good about myself. I try to comfort myself that at least if I feel good about my work, the pay doesn’t hurt so much. Still, it’s a job, and until I get something better, in TV or not, I want to feel good about myself.


~ by Sean on June 5, 2013.

One Response to “The Point”

  1. There is a point to my work, but it may not be the point that most people think.

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