Dre-ee-eeeams, Dreams Dreams Dreams….Just doesn’t work without the music.

Recently, Brian’s therapist moved from one practice to another. He was also seeing a psychiatrist every three months to update a prescription. Well, that involved much unpleasantness and old psychiatrists being snarky and new psychiatrists having offices that were really really hard to find, blah blah blah. Maybe someday I’ll tell the whole story.

So, this morning, I have a dream that we had to get the kid yet ANOTHER shrink. All three of us pile into the car, and drive up and down forested hills. Finally, we get to a flat part with an old 1980’s era strip mall. At least, that looked to be the last time anyone had been there. There’s an electronics shop present, so me being me, I look inside. There’s a sweet turntable there, but there’s no one in the store to buy it, and the fall leaves are blowing in the setting sunlight, and Stace and Boo want to get back on the road. A few hills later, we come across the First Place Winner For School Most Resembling Miskatonic U, complete with flickering gaslights and fizzling electric lights. We’re supposed to meet New Shrink in the office in the library. Upon going in, we see George Takei working behind the desk. I’d met him at a convention years ago, describing how my car was the Excelsior because it was big, white, ugly, and didn’t go very fast at first but later proved to be really tough.

Yeah, I’m a geek.

So, George remembers me. He’s working in the creepy library for some reason, and looking for books on mummies. (What….?) Turns out, on my bookshelf in the dining room, I have the books he’s looking for. They belonged to my mom, and now to me. (True story, but I don’t think George is actually looking for them.) So, Stace asks him where the shrink’s office is. George shows us, the shrink is a lovely woman, George is in the meeting for some reason offering comments and advice for my kid’s treatment, meanwhile Brian has this look of. “What the hell….?” on his face.

That’s when I woke up, thinking that tacos and chocolate cream pie before bed leads to really cool but useless for actual writing dreams.


~ by Sean on April 7, 2012.

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