The last week

….was a pretty good week. I got to go into Manhattan for an interview that I have a really good feeling about. See, here’s proof—

Paging Mr. Kong and Mr. or Ms. Cloverfield....

It was also on Broadway. Knew I’d make it there eventually.  See?

I tried giving your regards, but the street didn't remember you.

I took the train into the city, enjoyed the heck out of that.  Had an hour to kill before the interview, so first, I found the building.  I thought that was kinda important.  After that, I saw there was a church across 7th Street from the building.  I went in, said a prayer or two, then went up.  The interview went really well.  The guy said he’d be seeing me again once he talked to his partner, so that’s a good sign.  The ride home was on a double decker train.  Coolest thing I’ve ever seen on rails.  Yeah, THERE’s a lot of competition. 

And then, I shot the St. Patrick’s Day Show down at World Cafe Live.  Met a bunch of people, proved myself useful, and had a really good time.  That is, until it was time to leave.  Seems a car blew up (!) in a garage on Chestnut Street near there.  I can barely find my way around Philadelphia when the streets are open, but the bike police officer said the road was closed, so I go the other way, find myself in an industrial park with no way out, see two or three other cars behind me, so we go back.  Turns out there’s a street first, but the One Way sign was meant for the street we were ON, not the one we were TURNING on, so we go back, turn around three times, pay the goblin at the entrance, and go on our merry way.

Then, today, I had another interview, right down the street from the old job.  Felt weird to drive down there again, and during the DAY–whole new experience.  This job is another one where I have all kinds of experience, so I’d fit in easy.  They’re looking to replace the old guy by next week.  Here’s hoping I get one of them… !

I got home, and three people want me to shoot for them according to the e-mails.  One’s a sports group, one’s a one shot corporate deal, and one’s an entertainment company that also wants me to cut.  Hello, Rain?  Commencar el, um, pouring!


~ by Sean on March 19, 2012.

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