So, THAT’S where it comes from OR Bring up the crackers and I’ll kick ya in the weak spot

Braveheart’s on AMC right now. I’m half Scot, so I started playing around on-line looking stuff up. My mom’s family is the Clan Graham. Looked it up, found this on Wiki–
“The Clan Graham fought at the Battle of Sauchieburn led by the third Lord Graham. [2] The battle was fought on 11 June 1488, at the side of Sauchie Burn, a brook about two miles south of Stirling, Scotland. In 1504 Lord Graham, on account of his gallantry was made 1st Earl of Montrose. He would go on to lead part of the Scottish Vanguard against the English at the Battle of Flodden Field in 1513, part of the Anglo-Scottish Wars where he was slain”

Brings a tear to the eye, don’t it?

Then, there’s this–
“One of the most notable chiefs of the Clan Graham was James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose, a poet, but above all, the most distinguished royalist soldier of his time.”

Good to know I’m keeping up some of the family traditions. At least, that’s what I thought when I saw this–
“Sir John de Graham, was a friend and follower of William Wallace. [2] Sir John de Graham is regarded as hero for rescuing Wallace at Queensbury.[2] Sir John de Graham was regarded as Wallace’s right hand man and Wallace was at his side when Graham was killed in 1298 at the Battle of Falkirk.[5][2] John de Graham’s name is still perpetuated in the district of Grahamston.[2] The grave of Sir John de Graham in Falkirk churchyard is still to be seen, with table stones of three successive periods above it.[2] One great two-handed sword of Sir John the Graham is preserved at Buchanan Castle by the Duke of Montrose. [2] Another was long in possession of the Grahams of Orchil and is now treasured by the Free Mason Lodge at Auchterarder”

Not bad, huh? So, I go to Europe, and there are two swords waiting for me. But THEN, and this REALLY connected me to the historical clan—
“The Clan Graham fought at the Battle of Dunbar in 1296 where Sir Patrick Graham of Kincardine was the only man of all the Scots not to retreat and instead fought to the death.[5]”

So, I come from a long LINE of scrappers who are either A) really, really courageous, or B) too dumb to know when to cut and run.

The two are NOT mutually exclusive.

It should also be noted that the clan took a castle and lands from the MacKenzies. Sorry, Bob and Doug. I’ll get you some back bacon to make up for it, eh?


~ by Sean on March 12, 2012.

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