I’m stirring, and I’m a mouse!

Heere I sit on the morning of Christmas eve, ST:TMP playing on Cinemax. Stace and Brian are still asleep.

I just figured out what my special present for Brian should’ve been, the ear guards for wrestling. I might run over to Dick’s in an hour. Seriously, have the owners of that place NEVER heard of double entendre? I also managed to get Stace some presents. Unfortunately, Brian got me Hans Holzer’s Ghost book, which I’ve had for a few years. I’m an actor amongst other things, so he’ll never know.

Shawn Rody got me connected to some people who are starting a video company. Don’t know if I’ll get to use my new camera, a Panasonic DVX100B, gives me chills just to hold it. If not, I can still shoot my own stuff.

I really thought I’d be more depressed about the whole situation. Yeah, I don’t have a job, but people are looking at me. We have a new bathroom where nothing leaks, but the new tiles are FREAKIN’ COLD!! Turns out a whole lot of my stress was tied into that bathroom.

I’ve been talking to the guys over at Slack’s about shooting a commercial for them. Well, now I have my pro camera, so I think my freelance career is going to begin. Very shortly, The Underground Space Station will be an actual company. That’s slightly nerve wracking and slightly exciting.

Facebook is odd. Somehow I ended up friends with a woman that I loved for years in school but didn’t get the courage to ask out until college after Tanya dumped me. She shot me down. I have NO IDEA how she ended up on my friends list. Glad she’s there, but it was a little weird.

An awful lot of people I went to school with own their own companies. A buddy of mine just bought a farm in Virginia to go along with his company. A woman I used to play D&D with has a video game company in California. She used to work for Disney, and she worked on Brian’s Stitch game. THAT is disconcerting. And what about me? Well, my company’s just getting started. Can I really call it a company if it’s just me?

I should talk about my camera. My 401k got transferred to an IRA. We decided to cash it out since there was only about 2100 bucks in it.  We took a thousand for Boo’s presents since he still believes and then I was going to use the rest to get a camera.  Watched ebay for a few days, saw all kinds of cameras but they were always getting bid up too high.  Then, in the midst of checking Craigslist, found a guy selling a Panasonic DVX100B, a straight pro camera, not a prosumer, for 600 bucks along with a hard case(which in itself could go for $150, and thirty or so miniDV tapes and two five hour batteries.  So, I met up with the guy, turns out he used the camera for a Russian TV station in Philadelphia but he needed the money.  He makes puppets, so I’m going to check out his site.  I need to get a lens cap, though.



~ by Sean on December 29, 2011.

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