Ask me a question. Any question.

No squirrels.


~ by Sean on October 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ask me a question. Any question.”

  1. How’s the script coming?

    Any new short works on film (even if they’re just tests) to show off?

    You have $10 in one dollar bills and $10 in quarters. Which is worth more and why?

    How come you don’t want squirrels asking you any questions?

  2. In random order, because I don’t want acorn chunks flying at me, I haven’t SHOT anything much recently except for a great full moon with stringy clouds going in front of it, but I have been doing some composite editing for Project Potemkin, adding animations to their bridge sets. I worked on act II of The Void. The quarters are worth more because they can either make me look impressive to women in my pocket if rolled, or can make my punches much more painful in a fight.

    I’ve not done too much on any of the scripts, still plugging away trying to get paid somewhere. Well, I haven’t TYPED anything, I should say. All the ideas are there, just have to get motiviated to put it down.

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