Why I don’t write more songs

You know I can’t sit down,
And I can’t take a poop,
What’s going on you ask?
I’ll give you the scoop!
I got them Reticulan anal probing blues!
They come from that 51 Areaaaa,
They cause radioactive diarrhea,
I just don’t wanna seeea,
NOBODY wants to see a,
Any more of those Reticulan probing blues!!
(Even though they’re grey)
They not friendly like Mork or ET,
Listen to what I say,
They ride around in zero G….

I wrote that whilst waiting in line at McDonald’s last night.  Maybe I should get a job writing commercial jingles.


~ by Sean on July 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Why I don’t write more songs”

  1. Uhm……..

  2. What? I was bored, and I was thinking about the Hopkins book on my dresser that I haven’t read yet, and these things just happen. If Drew Carey had an improv show for general oddness rather than comedy, I’d have it so made.

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