Atlantis Reclaimed By History

The shuttle Atlantis has lifted off for the final time.  Brian and I watched it all happen, although not in Florida.  There are to be no more shuttle launches.  Kinda sad for a vessel that looks so much like Mickey Mouse from the from the front.


Hey Boys and Girls! Let's Go Orbit!

 Where does NASA go from here?  They have plans.  None of these are likely to get me anywhere near space for a good long time, but then, if they need an overtall video guy on the space station, they know how to reach me.


~ by Sean on July 8, 2011.

One Response to “Atlantis Reclaimed By History”

  1. It was actually a depressing sight to see. The last roar of the rockets at lift off and the last plume of smoke swallowing the launch tower as a shuttle pierces the top of the shifting mountain of smoke and heads skyward.

    The last one.

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