New Roles To Play

No, this isn’t the one where I tell all of you about my new editing job.
Sucks, that.
I have a rather large bag o’ dice. Kept it in my top dresser drawer in case suddenly an RPG came over for tea. Brian saw it one day, asked what it was, so I explained it to him in my best DM voice.

“Long ago,” I growled, “(ahem) there was a young fighting bard whose girlfriend was in a gaming group. He joined the group because it’s better to play with a group than to play with yourself…” And I went on to describe D&D and role playing in general. Brian was particularly fascinated with my 30 sided die.  

“What did you use this one for?” he asked.
Without even the merest hint of sheepishness or embarassment, I replied, “So I could say I had a thirty sided die.” I looked all through my DM’s guide, my player’s handbook, all my supplements, both my Trek RPG’s, my Shadowrun book, and I never could find any other use for that thing. Brian was also kind of mystified as to how to read my hundred sided die. THAT one I used all the time in D&D and Trek. But not the 30. He took the bag to school to show his band of friends, and dropped the 30 on the bus. It was never heard from again. He thought I’d be more than peeved. I wasn’t, I told him accidents happen, but he was insistent about getting me a new one.
So, he wanted to play. It’d been about three years since my last gaming session(curse my working every weekend since 2001!) and I was feeling like it could be cool to have a game again.

PROBLEM 1 for our intrepid adventurer–Brian had no idea how to make a character. Neither did Stace, since she got roped in. I rolled 4D6 twelve times, made them characters, and winged it for a night with my large collection o’ dice, my somewhat extensive knowledge of the Forgotten Realms, and my gift for storytelling. Soon, they were on a quest, had several battles, all the time Stace thinking I was making the rules up out of my butt along with the merry tale.

It was a good night. At the end, the party rested, but our wise dungeon master could find neither his guide nor his screen…he might never have HAD a screen…

But now the guide has been located, along with the tome of magic. When next adventure knocks on the party’s head, the game will go on, well read and probably screenless.


~ by Sean on April 15, 2011.

One Response to “New Roles To Play”

  1. Found the screen in my second edition Forgotten Realms box set. Next stop–the Barge Right Inn in Waterdeep!!

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