Something that confuses….

I’ve talked about my camera problems. 3 chip, whine, don’t have, moan, I need, beg, etc, etc. Okay, everybody still with me, or has my incessant infantility over my inability to, er, infilmisize things scared everyone off?

So, looking for jobs, either full time or freelance, and I see several under the videographer, editor, professional DJ, and singing gorilla categories. They all read something to the effect of “Looking for someone to do stuff for us. Make hundreds at once. Must have your own equipment.” Now, let’s follow me here. I somehow GET a 3 chip. I’m a videographer. I have skill doing this. I’m an editor. I have skill doing this and the crap to do it. Why am I going to work for someone else, who’ll be getting 2.000 and up for my work that I had to provide all the gear for?  Do I at least get a bumper sticker and a T-shirt with an arrow pointing to you saying, “He’s with Stupid?” Or would I just go into business myself, get ALL the money, and finally feel good about myself?


~ by Sean on March 31, 2011.

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