So, anything you wanna know?

PAD’s done this a couple times, and I seem to have a couple people who come by here. So, anything you’re dying, just dying to know?


~ by Sean on January 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “So, anything you wanna know?”

  1. Where’s the short film?

    Where’s the movie?

    Where’s my other blue sock?

    Going to NC any time soon?

  2. The short film is feeling quite inferior, thank you so much for pointing out it’s inadequacies. All three movies are doing well, although I really need a good screenplay template for Word 2010. As for the sock, ask Ian, and if he glances toward his sister and giggles, you’re not gonna want it back. North Carolina depends on whether or not I A)get a job where I don’t work every weekend, B)get a job where I make more money, and 4)learn to count.

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