Aspects of my personality(and I do have one!)

I was thinking earlier about the different parts of me. How much is me naturally and how much is a conglomeration of what’s around me? I think I would have probably have my over/well-developed sense of justice either way. Maybe that’s the Robin Hood part of me. What about the part of me that used to and occasionally still does take risks? Is that Hood also, or is that more Han Solo? How about my contemplative side? I think that’s just me, maybe with a few dashes of Holmes and the Hardy Boys thrown in. My speech patterns and work ethic? Kermit the Frog mixed with Peter Parker from the Amazing Friends cartoon, all the way. What about my creativity? How much of that is me, how much is stolen? Some of the patterns I’ve gotten from Lucas, Speilberg, Gilliam, Carpenter, de Laurentiis, but the stories themselves? I think they’re mostly me. My sense of responsibility for everything in the world? Yeah, I’d like to blame that on Peter Parker, but really I think that’s just me again. How I’m a father? Dad, all the way.
I’m very confused right now.


~ by Sean on December 12, 2010.

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