The Traveler and the MP3 player

So, there’s a girl who works in a music store. She’s the classical music specialist, she deals in the sheet music, and she’s very lonely. She sees the way selling music has changed, gotten smaller from LP’s to tape to cassingles to CD’s to MP3’s She sees it as an example of how the world is more isolating and people have to be more individualistic and disconnected. An album can express the whole idea an artist was going for, a concerto a whole range of emotions but MP3’s seperate the tracks and compositions are chopped for jewelry store jingles. She’s so focused on this idea that she doesn’t see all the people around her that have contact with her. She’s only isolating herself. People aren’t any further than before, but her perception of herself and her isolation leaves her feeling abandoned.


~ by Sean on November 22, 2010.

One Response to “The Traveler and the MP3 player”

  1. I’ll probably come up with a better title than that, though.

    Something I’ve been tinkering with is having the Traveler put something in the bag at the end of the episodes. For this one maybe a broken set of headphones.

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