Career Day

I get to do Brian’s Career Day at school. Need I tell any of you I WON’T be talking ad insertion? No, I listed my career as videographer. More an avocation lately. I’m going to film myself and play it, have a whole dialogue with a virtual me. I plan to lift signs a la Wayne’s World. Since it’s a third grade class, I think I’ll pass on the “He blows goats” sign.

Speaking of careers, mine currently sucks. I’m tired of earning less. with all my talent, training, and experience, than an assistant manager at McDonald’s. Went to CHI the day before yesterday to try to get back into IT. Yeah, between my work schedule, a credit rating that’s in the toilet, and the fact that it’d take a year and a half, that ain’t happening. On the other hand, I COULD pay someone $400 to rewrite my resume, because, as she puts it, my current one shows me as a “doer” and not an “achiever.” If I HAD $400, then I’d be making the money I SHOULD be and my resume’d not be an issue.

Don’t feel very good about myself right now.


~ by Sean on October 21, 2010.

5 Responses to “Career Day”

  1. Yep. Kinda the same all over.

  2. You don’t feel very good about me, either?

  3. Can’t stand you.

    I can however lean you.

    Seriously though? Really starting to dislike my job based on really starting to hate some things at work. The medical bills from this year that insurance wouldn’t cover as part of the standard pregnancy stuff are still killing me and will do so until about mid-December and even then things may be tight.

    I was going up to DC this weekend for Spooky Movie Fest, but that got cut when we got sent yet another medical bill from the last month of Jenn’s pregnancy that my insurance has declared as not part of the pregnancy related procedures (even though it is) and that added another $400 to the pile. Cop’s salary ain’t great to start with and our department has cut overtime to ribbons. And even when they make us work overtime now they refuse to pay us. It’s all comp-time. Yeah, try to pay a bill with compensatory time and see how far that gets you.

    Kinda looking at other options, but travel time and cost of travel sucks on the few okay options I might have and some other things that are just a little better than those aren’t worth what I lose in retirement and benefits. Plus I feel bad about things I don’t have set up right now. I can’t even try doing some things at work that might help my immediate situation because they’ll put me closer to the things I hate right now and put me on a shift that my body doesn’t adjust well to. Jenn was not happy with me while I was on that shift because I was so worn out and tired from not being able to sleep properly that I was miserable to be around most of the time. She flat said she might end up divorcing me if I put her through another year-plus of that again.

    And being married…

    I didn’t think I was getting married up until six years ago when I finally met Jenn. There are things I now feel like I didn’t prepare for well enough because I didn’t have anyone else to worry about but me. I use to just think that if I got pissed enough with a job that I could leave to go elsewhere even if it meant a temporary drop in pay levels because I could always cut back on lots of stuff and get by. With Jenn’s meds and required doctor visits, Ian’s specific dietary needs thanks to food allergies and the new baby costs of… well, the new baby… I can’t cut too much out without it impacting their health. Occasionally I look at where we’re at and see things I should have done back when that I didn’t do and just want to kick myself.

    Things aren’t anywhere near where I think they should be and I blame myself for it. So, yeah, kinda the same all over. I don’t feel very good about myself right much right now either.

  4. How about I build you up and you don’t point out my failings? The big problem I have right now is feeling like I’ve wasted our time. I was supposed to have us out of our apartment six years ago. I figured if I worked hard at my job, and everyone’s always said I’m good at working TV, then the money’d come. The job offers would come. The insurance for my wife would come. The house would come.

    They won’t come and I have to ask myself at this point if I really am wasting my time. OUR time. So, this line of thinking makes me crabby, then I yell. Loud. Stace would be perfectly happy to live where we are now forever. She’s just happy to have stability after the nasty bad stuff that happened to her before we met.

    Stace has said I need help for my temper. I counter that if people would LISTEN to me then I wouldn’t lose my temper. I made my son cry today because he thought I thought he was stupid because I wanted him to fix his homework. Stace has told me not to argue with him about homework, so I didn’t, but then she started yelling when she got home. I got angry. Threw a Mexican pizza.

  5. If anyone’s interested, I did three sessions. The first and third were pretty good. The second one, the kids didn’t seem to have any voice. Brian reported everyone he talked to said I was “awesome.” So, there you go.

    HAVE to stop using that phrase, really.

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