The Traveler

The Traveler is a new series I’m putting together. See, I have so many short ideas that I’d started thinking of for Campfire Stories, they just kept coming, that I thought I could actually put them together. There had to be something to tie them together. So, The Traveler. This figure will wander through the episode, story, whatever,   sometimes only seen for a moment, but weird crap happens around him/her. Who is the Traveler? God? The devil? Some unlucky schmoe that crap keeps happening around? As of right now, I don’t think that’ll be revealed.  I haven’t really decided, to be honest.  I don’t even think you’ll ever know for sure whether or not it’s a man or a woman.


~ by Sean on September 8, 2010.

7 Responses to “The Traveler”

  1. That’s actually a pretty cool hook. It goes a little beyond the more familiar hook of just a host and goes back a ways to the classic days of characters like the Whistler or the earliest version of The Shadow.

    Not sure about the gender thing unless you’re establishing right off the bat that the character isn’t human and can be more or less anyone (or anything) it needs to be to suit its cause.

  2. Well, the gender thing is really only to show how unimportant to the overall series the Traveler actually is. As of right now, the character is just the leaping off point to the stories, not someone that partakes in the events.

    Talk to me in half an hour and that’ll probably be different.

  3. This comes up so often, especially over at Peter David’s blog, that I HAVE to put it in. There’ll be a theater, it catches fire, but people are afraid to yell because they don’t want to get sued or arrested. Then, someone at the back who is starting to flee will turn and say, “FALSELY! You can’t FALSELY yell fire in a crowded theater!!”

  4. Sounds good

  5. Just as an update, I got the first four pages of the-guy-with-the-blog story typed up tonight. I have to work on the troll, though, make him more Mike and Alpha Man. It’s a bit late for the SUCKS parts, but I might find a way to throw those in.

  6. As of right now, I’ll have my computer back up and running Friday night. This way, I can work on the stories I have in my head, get an agent, sell the series, get all of you guys work, and then TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!

    Sorry. Brain moment.

  7. All right. I’ve started two or three stories for this thing, but I need to have something written for all the ideas so I don’t forget. So, here’s the list.
    2.Worldly Possessions–what happens when someone’s possessed by an angel?
    3.Locked Room Mystery–someone has to get out of a locked room at the top of building while people with guns are coming up. Cell phone fried in power surge when lightning knocks out power.
    4.Samaritan–guy getting gas, picks up woman who says she needs help, stuff happens because of it. Not sure what yet.
    5.Identification–office worker at prison/hospital thing in the blackout
    6.Reality–Invalid/homebound patient gets better suddenly, goes out into the world and sees it’s nothing like the TV news or TV in general make it out to be.
    7.Masquerade–guy goes to a masquerade party, sort of Masque of the Red Death-ish, meets a woman, can’t get her eyes out of his mind, turns out it’s his wife. Or something.
    8. Wasted on the Young–someone afraid of aging makes himself old before his time
    9.Watching–Someone obsessed with reality shows that never wants to leave their house or interact with people.

    Reality and Watching I may combine into almost a buddy movie.

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