A few quick things

Beep beep–there goes the Road Runner.

Told ya it was gonna be quick.

Thinking about the Green Lantern movie.  Gonna have trouble with a hero that could literally be rendered powerless by a banana peel.  Or, if they combine it with Starman–Green light, go, red light stop, yellow light do nothing at ALL.  Oh, God, NO!  FRENCH FRIES!!  AAAAAAAAAAAGHH!  Most of Ronald McDonald’s outfit can take this guy out.  Be a good Happy Meal promo, though.

Brian and I are going to make a giant snake movie this summer called Venom.  Combine a Russel’s viper with a Fer De Lance and some cobras and some footage of the town. 

He’s in third grade now.  That’s scary.  Scarier is according to his standardized tests, he did better in science that 90 percent of the second graders in the country.  He also did better than 67 percent in reading.  Brian Neutron, Boy Genius.  Now if we could just get him to spell…

My wife and I don’t like M. Night Shaymalamalamadingdong.   The reasons are twofold.  His stuff is too easy to figure out and the story takes a backseat to the visuals.  I had The Village figured out as soon as I saw the teaser poster.   I can tell a story, but have I got any movies out there?  So, we’re going to buy five notebooks for me to finish my screenplays and sell them.  THAT’ll be easy.

Commercial scripts often don’t make any sense.  In particular, I’m thinking of the motorized wheelchair ones.  The inventor says, “As a professional nurse, I know how important mobility is.”  Yeah, because only nurses know how important it is to be able to move.  You can say you’re a nurse, you can say how important mobility is, but the two sentences should not be married uncomfortably like some kind of feudal alliance in the works.

Speaking of commercials, every time I see a Twilight commercial, I get this image of Rod Serling’s ghost smoking and saying, “Submitted for your approval, I have to smack the crap out of someone.”


~ by Sean on June 23, 2010.

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