Aphorisms and Dirty Girls

Sitting at work, encoding spots to go out, my mind started to wander. I did a spot for Chiller, and the thought passed through my mind that the only time humanity is sincere is in terror. I thought that was a clever little aphorism that might be useful for MY movie. Then I thought it may be a good thing to look up the proper definition for aphorism. Punched it into the search engine, and the first link Google gave back was Dirty Girls In Your Area.

I never thought dirty girls was all that an original thought.

Passed the story on to my lady wife, who responded with ALL searches on the internet lead to dirty girls. That led me to only one place.

If I search on-line long enough I’m going to run right into my ex-girlfriend. If THAT’s not scary, I don’t know WHAT is.


~ by Sean on May 29, 2010.

One Response to “Aphorisms and Dirty Girls”

  1. Interesting. I put “Aphorisms” into Google and got pages and pages explaining what “Aphorisms” was. Either your Google is a hell of a lot more interesting than mine or you had a lot more free time to go through all those hits than I did.

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