The Proposal–NOW On Video!!

I’ve talked about the night I proposed, and how I got lost looking for the bloody jewelry store, and everything, but I don’t think I ever talked about the video I did. Now, this was before, LOOOOOOOOONG before, I went to CSB, so I was just doing it as an amateur with two VCRs and a Pioneer receiver with a VSEL setting.

Now, I’d had an idea when I first thought about proposing. Since I’m such a huge Trekkie and a geek and our second date was First Contact and Stace is a big Picard fan and I have ten toes and I occasionally like nuts on my hot fudge sundaes….what the hell was I talking about? Oh, yeah, I thought it would be cool to put a bunch of people saying “Engage” together on a video when we got…wait for it…engaged.   Yeah, I’m the most clever. So, for weeks I worked, getting Picard, Riker, Pike, LaForge, Data, Sisko, and anyone ELSE I could find saying Engage putting them in order along with some other scenes. I threw in some scenes from Braveheart, some music, the Proclaimers Let’s Get Married, 500 Miles, Don’t Turn Out Like Your Mother-and I was DEAD SERIOUS about that one. Sometime I’ll have to list that wench’s crimes. .


~ by Sean on April 28, 2010.

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