What Would YOU Do

I’m in a really bad mood. Just found out I have to put a thousand bucks into the Chrysler. Again. If we had any money and our credit wasn’t crap, I’d give it to Purple Heart and buy something new-ish.

Just watched Zombieland. Whatever. A little too Look At Us, We’re The Cool Kids for me. Checked out some things on-line for it after. There was a statement from someone that if they were in the situation in the beginning with the sisters, they’d just shoot.




It’s easy to be all “I’d pop a cap into the girl’s head just like that and…” Put yourself into the situation and it’s Shaun of the Dead killing Phillip in the Plan, and then finding out that, well, it’s FREAKING HARD TO DO AND YOU CAN’T DO IT!!

I was once in a situation where two people I care a lot about were fighting. Fist flying. I lost it. I grabbed one of them and threw her down and told her if she touched the other one I’d break her f’ing neck. I really don’t think I WOULD have, but I wanted to right then.


~ by Sean on March 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “What Would YOU Do”

  1. Okay, that sucks. And, yeah, the comments about Zombieland have been stupid. I could see that statement from females, but I see guys being tough and saying that on horror forums as well. Like I said to one gey a while back…

    Your stuck with either a nutjob guy or a wimp guy as your only “pal” and, just to show how macho you are you’re gonna shoot the only non-zombie tail you’ve seen (and likely will see) for a long, long time? Well, okay. I mean, if you wanna come out now and admit that you’re pitching for the other team…

  2. Not to mention catching….

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