Bhodi’s True Romance Tales

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I was thinking about some of the more romantic things I’ve done over the years.   This led me to one conclusion.

I’m a romantic guy.

Don’t believe me?  Here, let me tell you some true stories of some of my adventures.  I swear on the hairs on my chinny chin chin that this story is true.

See, back in high school I wasn’t NEARLY the chicken I am now.  I did all kinds of crazy stuff.  I’ve told you about my ex–the Big Ex, as in the one that all women until Stace paled before.  Well, as you’ll recall, at one time she was involved with my former best friend.  Well, New Year’s Eve things happened that she didn’t feel very good about and I confessed my feelings for her at two in the morning over the phone.  She confessed hers for me, and all of a sudden I’m the James Bond of relationships.  I’d also told her at some point how I snuck out of my house to see that selfsame former friend’s cousin a few times and how I should do that for HER.  So, we picked a night.  Now, her house was a bit farther than his house was, so I used my bike.  Two o’clock in the morning, I’m riding over to her house.  I get there, and taped to the window was a note–“Knock softly!”  So I did.  Nothing.  I knock again, and then her hand hits the glass.  She slowly opens the window as my breath quickens.  I climb into the window and when I’m halfway through, her dog, that so-well-trained-dog, barks.  I look at her, she looks at me, HOLY @%$^!  WE’RE GONNA GET CAUGHT!  With every possible mental ability that I might have, I will her father to stay asleep.  No noises, so we’re safe.  We get into her daybed which at that point felt as roomy and natural as the largest California king size.  Long conversation interrupted by some serious making out occasionally.   Nothing more because she was still technically not broken up with Round Boy.  After a couple hours, we figured I should go home.  I rode back, feeling like a million bucks.  I snuck back in and went to sleep, no one in my house the wiser.

That is, until my all-too proper cousin from deep-woods Alabama heard the story and told my parents.  Moral of the story–don’t tell Stephanie ANYTHING.  EVER.


~ by Sean on February 1, 2010.

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