I love books.  New books, old books, short books, long books, comic books, um, non-comic books, I love books.  I even have a bunch of classic sci fi books on a CD-ROM.  I love them.  I love reading them, I love writing them, I love thinking about them, I love the feel of a book in my hands, the feel of the paper, the smell of time in the pages, the connection to what’s written in my mind. 

Brian’s starting to feel the same way.  We figured it was high time to get him a library card.  I had one for years, a shiny white card with LIBRARY CARD emblazoned in large, friendly letters.  It was kind of a Hitchiker’s Guide card that wanted to avoid any questions about it’s identity.  Well, somewhere that got lost.  Now, here was the problem.  We live literally on the county line between Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Stace probably wouldn’t be happy with me revealing that, but considering the people that will read this very likely don’t have any contact with the people she’s worried about finding out, I think it’s okay. 

ANYWAY–there are two libraries I could’ve gone to.  The closest Montgomery county one was about a forty minute ride.  The closest Bucks one, on the other side of the county line, is about fourteen and a half inches from our front door.  So, that’s where I went.  I wasn’t sure if I could get a card, but the librarian told me once I got there all I need to do is get a Montgomery county card in thirty days and my card will be valid.  So, new card in hand, I went home and got the kid and we went back. The librarian was all set to give Brian a card, but then another librarian said he’d need the Montgomery card first.  Well, poopy.  But then, the first librarian takes Brian into the children’s section and tells him about a contest they’re having where all the different grades write books and the best are bound and published and available one the shelf.

I know the look I get when I get a writing idea.  I’ve seen pictures.  I saw that look on his face. 

We poked around the section for a few minutes, and then he asked for some privacy to look.  I went and poked around.  Found an audiobook to check out, then found the books they were selling.  A Lovecraft collection was a quarter.  I didn’t have any cash on me.  Looked at the science books.  Thumbed through an astronomy book.  After a while, I went over and got Brian.  He had two Christmas books to check out.  I had my audiobook. 

Right after we got in the car, he told me the story for his book.  Sammy the fish is a purple striped fish.  He likes to tell jokes, but everyone around him doesn’t like jokes, they’re too serious.  Sammy goes on a trip to find people that will like him and his jokes, somewhere he belongs and he helps fish along the way.

Books are good.


~ by Sean on January 19, 2010.

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