I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

especially since I know that all my friends would take these gifts in stride. The revenge war would be awesome.

I’m also thankful for the usual stuff, family, health, job, friends, even though with me the distinction between friends and family is really small. That said, I’m really thankful that Brian thinks the sun rises and sets on me–literally since it’s just after dawn when I usually get home. I could’ve gotten a daytime position making slightly less but the hours would’ve been better but Brian didn’t want me to because he’d miss me at the bus stop, and who would he stick his tongue out at THEN?

I’m almost just as thankful to have not seen the House of the Dead movie on a Netflix DVD. Just saw it on FearNet. It’s not the cinema’ crapite’ that people say, but the game shots were a bit confusing.

Also, I’m eternally thankful for George Washington Carver. Not nearly as wooden a personality as he was made out to be.


~ by Sean on November 27, 2009.

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