Movie Time

Unlike most Trek fans, I publicly proclaim that I like the Next Gen movies. Are they the epitome of great movie making? No. Are the stories good? Yes. Had they been series episodes rather than features, I think they’d rate up with the top episodes.

Yesterday was our tenth anniversary. Or since it’s the tin anniversary, it was our aluminiversary. So, we stuck my sister with Cloneboy, went and had a marvy Mexican dinner and then saw Paranormal Activity. Exceedingly creepy movie. Definite owner when the DVD comes out. Stace isn’t happy because she’s home alone with Brian right now and every little noise that comes up she thinks is a ghost. BOO! And I’m not talking Brian!

Haven’t gotten to see The Fourth Kind yet. Probably going to later this week. Every cool thing that scared Stace in Paranormal Activity will probably scare me in this movie since abductions scare the crap out of me.


~ by Sean on November 8, 2009.

One Response to “Movie Time”

  1. Gotta let me know about Fourth Kind. No one I trust has seen it yet and general word of mouth is that it’s flat and uninspired.

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