Paging Mr. Dead Horse…

Your regularly scheduled beating is ready!

Check this out—–and then wonder why Trek fans get the rep we do. We were WARNED!!! OOOOOOOH!!! And guess what? They still made a movie!! Have they no foresight, no thought for others?

I have a headache now.

Watching V: The Series on SyFy.  Julie Parrish is hauling massive amounts of secret data on a 5.25 disk.  You know, because they have such an expansive memory capacity.  Especially when you write really really small…


~ by Sean on November 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Paging Mr. Dead Horse…”

  1. “Had the concept for the new rebooted Star Trek been thrown around 10 years ago, there would of been riots in trekdom. What occured with the last Star Trek movie:”
    It was thrown around ten years ago. And five years ago. Some fans embraced the idea. No fandom is one, giant hive mind like the Borg. Some will like and some will hate.

    And what’s wrong with the 5.25? Next you’ll be moaning about my Tandy cassette data storage device.

  2. Somewhere I have an Aquarius tape storage device. Thi’ll show you the setup in my basement–

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