Website Deathmatch!


Where eBay has a stranglehold around odd things, Amazon is much better because YOU DON’T GET FREAKIN’ OUTBID!!  Case in point–last week or so I’ve been watching an After Effects 5.5 upgrade for twenty bucks.  I bid on it, it all looked good until yesterday when I was outbid.  I bid a little higher.  Automatically outbid.  A little higher, automatically—you get the idea.  So, just to REALLY depress/anger myself, I throw After Effects 5.5 into Amazon to see what comes up. 

Ten bucks.

A thousand dollar program originally….

for ten bucks.

In the cart, waiting to be paid for. 

Amazon wins this round.


Brian wants to be Venom for Halloween.  He’s apparently no longer scared.  Everywhere on the internet, Venom masks are at least thirty and kinda scary looking.  Our friends at Amazon?  A very basic cloth Venom mask with smallish teeth. 


Nine bucks.


Scooby/Dynomutt the whole series?

Thirty bucks.  (Thought I was going for eight, didn’t ya?)


Amazon wins.  Temporarily, at least.


~ by Sean on October 22, 2009.

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