GI Joe: The Review

Some people that might occasionally come by here might be wondering what I thought of the movie. Well–here it is.

First–NOT what I would have written. I’ve written GI Joe books, a bunch of them that may never see the light of day. Still, a really good movie. I wasn’t crazy about some of the changes they made, like Duke’s rank and the background for Snake Eyes. Still going over the COBRA Commander mask and the reason for it. (Don’t wanna spoil anything in case somebody hasn’t seen it.) I know why they changed it, and the character backgrounds work. I personally would’ve left the commander’s background mysterious, but hey, whatever.

The Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow scenes deliver other than the background. Zartan, again, while not what I’ve written, was subtle and understated. Just what a master of disguise needs. I liked the Neo-Vipers and how they’re used. Would’ve liked to see more Mindbender, but not every story can have Laughtrack telling him not to move or Medicare’ll drop him.

The fact that the Joes are international I thought was a nifty element. The Pit was nicely put together and I like the new SHARCs. Breaker’s gum was beautiful. Liked that some characters died. Kinda cracked me up that Dennis Quaid was Hawk. A certain person used to say that I looked like him and she was the one that got me writing Joe books again.

All in all? Three and a quarter Lions out of four.


~ by Sean on August 21, 2009.

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