There are two kinds of upgrades that I’m interested in.  Software and movies.   See, my version of After Effects is kinda outdated.  I want to upgrade it.  A hundred seventy bucks and I’m in business. 

Then there’s movies and TV shows.  A while back, Stace got me the three seasons of the original Trek on DVD.  Good stuff.  Then came both the remastered episodes and eventually blu-ray players.  Over at one of the Trek gossip sites that I read just to shake my head, there are people talking about getting the blu-ray sets and how they’ll be different from the DVD box sets they already have which were different from the videotapes they already have.  So people are going to put out however much money to buy something they already own.  THAT makes a lotta sense, doesn’t it?  Buy new versions and then keep the old versions and then…eeeesh!


~ by Sean on August 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Upgrades”

  1. But… But… But…

    Sean, don’t you know that if you don’t get the Golly Gee Wiz Bang edition you’ll be shorting yourself? I mean, the GGWB is the only edition where they’ve collected the cast and crew interviews from the 1988 VHS library, the 2003 DVD releases and the Anniversary DVD release all into one set! And this is the only edition that include the Shat talking about raising horses when he was on Conan back in 1998.

    And, seriously, do you really want to be the only kid on your block to not own the big shiny box that the new edition comes in? Just look at it!!! It’s big!!! It’s shiny!!! And it’ll make that cool phaser noise for as long as the impossible to replace without damaging the box watch battery has power!!!

    And what about your retirement days? Don’t you ever plan ahead? So what if you have three versions already? You can always sell the other collections off to collectors to buy that retirement dream house (or pay for Brian’s college tuition if you really think it’s that important.) Or, hey, there’s always the eventual plan to be your own boss.

    Can’t you just see it now? Sean’s Video Rentals and Used Book Shop is your path to financial freedom. You need those extra copies or else you’ll never be able to keep enough copies in stock to build a good customer base.

    Why is it that I’m the only one who ever sees these things.


  2. You have a point, although the only people I’d probably rent to are you, the Bills, Micha, Brian the Elder, Vince, and Tom. And maybe Jenn T.

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