Yep, Brian now has an aquarium.  He also has three black-fin sharks.  We filled the tank yesterday and the fish are going home now.  I’ll put pictures up once he takes them.


~ by Sean on July 18, 2009.

20 Responses to “Fish!!”

  1. Three???

    I hope it’s a big tank. They may only grow to around a foot in length, but they seem to need space. I had a friend down in St, Pete who had two of them and ended up having to upgrade to a 75 or 100 gallon tank for them on the advice of one of the specialists at the local public aquarium.

    Definite upside in the upkeep department though. They’re fairly easy to maintain and salt water tanks have always seemed easier to keep clean than their freshwater counterparts.

    😦 “Pictures” he says. Pictures! He should know by now that what we all want, we sick freaks, is video of feeding time.

    “Everybody, this is Gill the Minnow. Gill, this is Jabber Jaw. He’d like to invite you to his tank for supper. And… Oops, Gill is gone.”

  2. They call him Jab JaB Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jab Jabberjaw….

    Yeah, takes me back to my second-grade lunchbox.

    These apparently only get to be a couple inches. If NOT, we’re screwed….

    Poor Gill. Let us have a moment of silence for Mr. Gerard and pass the tartar sauce.

  3. Uhm… If we’re both talking about the variety of catfish known as the Black-Fin Shark then you may have been slightly misinformed by the pet shop people. They were pretty popular (along with Oscars) when I was living in Florida and they averaged out at about ten inches.

    Is it this guy?

  4. I think so. Apparently, the little blurby thing under them said they only get to be a couple inches.


  5. And now, amidst much crying and sadness over the loss of Nemo, there are only three. I’m stuck at work and my son is heartbroken.

  6. Correction–there’s two. Don’t buy tropical fish from Walmart.

  7. Yeesh… Sorry to hear that.

  8. Thanks, Jerry. One died yesterday morning. We told Brian in the afternoon, and then at night he drew a picture of Nemo to remind the others of their friend. Stacie saw the one of the other three was getting white ick on his scales and looked pretty beat up and not moving, so Giggles went to fish heaven. Now there’s just Cheetah and Swimmy left.

  9. Here’s the update. Swimmy died the day before yesterday. Much more sadness. Giggles had some slime growing on him and wasn’t doing well. Stacie actually thought at one point he was dead too until he suddenly started swimming and scared the hell out of her. Then, later, there was no denying that he was dead, too. Cheetah was the last to go. We told Brian that they had to go to a different tank because they were going to get too big.

    We’re going to try some goldfish or some neons on Monday. Brian has drawn pictures of all four so he won’t forget. I can’t take the strain.

  10. I know that it sounds like a Douglas Adams title, but I’m sorry about the fish.. Better luck next time.

  11. Thanks, Micha. It’s a trying time, Brian appreciates all the support…(Sniff) Sorry, it’s still a little too early…

    Yeah, we’re going over today to get some new ones. Stace told him he has to pick new names for them.

  12. Jenn said to treat the tank both before the fish go in and after for Ick. Go to a good pet store and they’ll have it. Yeah, it really is called Ick.

  13. Jenn worked for a vet and said you can call any time with Ick questions.

  14. Is that because it’s an icthyological problem or because it’s icky?

    Jenn, I’m gonna presume the any time thing doesn’t mean 6 in the morning when I get off work…

    • In the middle of a doozy of a thunderstorm where Brian was completely paranoid and glued to my hip, we got three black mollies and a silver last night. The woman at Petsmart told us everything to do to not give them coronaries when we put them in the tank, and so far they seem happy.

  15. Now you just need a Pleco and you’re set and ready to go.

  16. One of the black mollies was evidently pregnant when we got her. Unfortunately, she was kinda small, so she and the babies didn’t survive. Brian’s okay with it, actually, and we’re going to get a few more females in about a week.

    Female mollies, that is.

  17. Jenn suggested that you complain to the pet shop you got them from. A pregnant fish means they messed up and didn’t keep them properly separated. May be a free fish in it for you all.

    Not sure if it will work myself. I haven’t seen too many new pet shops that stick with that rule anymore. Hell, one place around here actually tried to play that up as a bonus once.

    Buy one, get (?) for free!

    They’re not in business anymore though.

    • They definately weren’t seperated. Boys and girls, swimming around together, all in one tank, no chaperone, no bathing suits, not even a Frankie Avalon record. If Boo and I don’t go to the beach today, (IE, if I’m AWAKE–) maybe I’ll go over and talk to them.

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