A Return To My Acting Background

I’ve done a bunch of acting.  One might say that I’ve been doing it since my parents bought Luke Skywalker and a landspeeder in ’77.  One might, but one would get looked at funny and the subject would be changed to the weather as the group quickly moved away from one whilst security was called.

Anyway, for a couple years in elementary school, I went to New York twice a week for auditions.  Then, when I got into high school, I got into an acting class, met the girl of my dreams, and then–oh, wait, went through that in another post.  Did the college acting thing.  Helped produce that abomination of the boards, A Knight of British Comedy.   I’m still surprised Chapman’s ghost didn’t come and hit all of us with Mr. Gumby’s bricks after that one. 

Now, Saturday night, I once more tread the boards with my son.  I play a crow that gets phasered to death in Brian’s end of school play.  It was going to be squirt guns, but my squirt guns are quite big and wet, the ones I could find anyway, so we’re going to use phasers.

Most kids have college funds.  I’m starting Brian a therapy fund.


~ by Sean on June 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “A Return To My Acting Background”

  1. “I play a crow that gets phasered to death in Brian’s end of school play.”

    Okay… That’s a line that really requires more details, Sean.

  2. Come on! Gonna leave a brother hanging? It looks like it could be a funny story.

  3. Okay, my therapist says it’ll help if I talk about it. It was a play about a farm written by an overly religious teacher. There was the entire first and second grade in it. Yep, four kids. So, there needed to be more people. Brian played Alfred the inventor. Why Alfred the inventor hangs out on a farm is a cosmic mystery. So, four kids, seven parts–Mrs. Fox needed to be creative, so she asked me if I’d help out. I did sound effects and music for the Christmas play, so I said sure. Then I found out that I needed to act. Well, okay, I’m an actor amongst other things, so no problem. I made a beak out of a party hat and some yellow tissue paper, asked Brian which phasers to bring (for six people we had eight phasers) and STILL hadn’t seen a script before we got there. Turns out I had a single line, “We’re BACK!” that seemed to be the aviary Poltergeist rip-off. So, one of the kids had a death in the family so the teacher’s fresh from getting out of the hospital husband had to fill in. Play was all about cultivating and farming and being good little Christian children and how crops won’t grow on a rock. Then the crows come back and Al the Inventor’s come up with a way to get rid of them. Four kids, two of whom knew that tehy were SUPPOSED TO SHOOT AT ME AND NOT SPIN IN CICLES, and dear GOD it was lame.

    For the video, though, I did put the phaser beams in. If I get motivated I’ll put it on the Some Of My Videos site.

  4. (o^o)

  5. Yeah, the video’s up there now along with a pseudonews report I did.

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