Self Importance and Self Impotents

First off, let me preface this by saying that, unlike a certain well-known Trek fan film forum, I don’t care if you stick with this or any other topic when responding.  I like the organic flow of a conversation rather than being forced into narrow constraints of whatever original post may have been written months or years ago by people unknown.  The first one to post TOPIC here in orange letters will be flogged with cold spaghetti until they cry. 

Thst said, I have to laugh at people who repeatedly cause impacts to the epidermis of an expired equine(how’s THAT for a fifteen point alliteration?)  by repeating things that have already been said upthread.  This is what I feel and so on and so forth and even though this has been said by a hundred other people I have to have it attached to my name and demonstrate that either I have remarkable typing skills or really poor spelling skills by posting the fact that I agree or disagree in excruciating detail and it ends up just running on and on and getting repetitive and not actually advancing the interaction more than saying, “Me, too!” and running on and on and getting repetitive and blah blah blah….

Some of the people that post things like these impassioned overworded posts from heck occasionally react with astonishment that there could be any disagreement since their opinions were delivered to them directly from God’s Shipping Department on Gold Leaves(MUST get a hold of THAT tree, by the way) with postage due and any other opinion is the rankest heresy that’s not even worth month old used Kleenex.  There is so much passion in these posts, and yet, in the cases of conversations about actual problems, there are so many loud people with opinions and yet nothing gets done.  If your ideas are so marvy, get OFF the darn computer and go DO something about the problem!!!


~ by Sean on June 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Self Importance and Self Impotents”

  1. I was going to be pithy and sarcastic, but the guy above me already covered that.

  2. I pithy the fool!

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