Home Improvement

Imagination time!! 

Most people know I really don’t like where we’re living.  The reasons are many, varied, and my ranting about them is only moderately entertaining in the same way that watching someone else’s four year old have a tantrum is moderately entertaning.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what our next place has to have to make me happy.  FIRST, it has to be a house.  Not a condo, not an apartment, but a house.  But what else?  What else would make it really cool?  That started me thinking–what would my loyal readers(all four of you) do to their places?  My sister’s place needs a new heating system.  It can be as mundane as that, or it could be something really outrageous, like Jerry’s oft-wished for Count Gore Projection Room and Vomitorium.   Or Bill’s AntiAwsumKat Safe Room. 

And I want three things–a yard, a fireplace, and a room to myself to put my editing stuff, my weapons, my ships, more weapons, more ships, my posters and a dartboard.  That’s right, I want Rat’s Nest back.


~ by Sean on April 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Home Improvement”

  1. What about a man cave? Or a ball pit?

    Personally, I’m putting a (pellet gun) range in my basement.

  2. Actually, even more than a horror film den loaded with a DVD/Blu-Ray projector and lots of Gore de Vol, I’d really like to have a full gym again. My tiny gym room became Ian’s room two years ago (It’s been two full years already?!?!?) and I really miss/need it.

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