Gotta Love Controversy

Judging by the response PAD’s gotten over at his board over the scans_daily thing, I think I’ll start my own controversy here to get more traffic.  Now, I’ve heard three people who saw Watchmen say it was a bloated, overrought mess with not an ounce of fun anywhere.  I myself have yet to see it, but as to the second part, my controversy-sparking side will say, “Well, duh.”  But there will be people out there, amongst the throngs, who’ll say Watchmen is better than Citizen Kane, Star Wars, Howard the Duck and Adventures in Babysitting all rolled into one.  Now if THAT statement doesn’t stir up some controversy, heck, NOTHING will. 

Oh, and I love the new Enterprise,  the Eagles should take TO back, (the football team, not the band) and the zombie apocalypse will result in all of us having rotting butlers serving drinks and canapes. 

Although, seriously, maybe Henley could find out if TO can sing as well as he whines?


~ by Sean on March 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Gotta Love Controversy”

  1. You suck and I’m not buying any more of your books.

  2. Yeah, well, wipe my autograph off all the ones that are making your table level. Didn’t know I signed ’em with a dry erase pen, didja?

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