One Way Or Another

Stace was playing Guitar Hero, and One Way or Another came up. Have you ever listened to the lyrics? No, this isn’t going to be some exsistential, transcendental interpretation of Pat Benatar. No, instead we came to the following conclusion.

Pat (or the Pat in the song, at least) seems to be a stalker, albeit a really unmotivated one. She’s going to stalk this guy…eventually. Maybe next week, you know, if she can pencil her obsession in between aerobics and going through the check out line and reading a tabloid while her cauliflower is put into a bag. Yeah, if I were this guy I’d be torn between being kinda freaked that I had a stalker and kinda annoyed that my stalker had more important things to do than stalk me.


~ by Sean on March 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “One Way Or Another”

  1. Blondie.

  2. Yeah, well…Dagwood.

  3. Can’t help it. I love Blondie. Grew up on their music, have the CDs, the tapes and even one scratched up record somewhere in a box.

    I’ll prove it. One day you won’t answer your phone and I’ll leave a message in the form of singing Tide is High.

  4. I hereby proclaim to all music lovers everywhere, that from this moment onward I will answer my phone no matter when or where it rings to prevent this calamity!!

  5. Why do you hate good music?

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