Sometimes Stuff Just Breaks

Particularly around here. My car inspection was due, and I knew, because I’m psychic(and I have ears), that it was going to be a bad one. End of story? $1212. Ironically enough, that was also the address of the house that I’d love to buy back eventually. Had to (again) replace the engine mounts, new tires, brakes, several chickens who were sacrificed to the Chrysler spirits to bless the car–it was ugly with a capital ug. Still, it beat having to shop for a new car.

THEN–and slightly more affecting of my general lifestyle, the laptop died. Let us please bow our heads in a moment of silence for the laptop. Thank you. Fortunately, it was on life support for a while, so I threw my writings onto my flash drive, but I had a couple audio projects that I DIDN’T put on there. Those include Tank! and The Real Folk Blues, which I never did put on a CD, sad sad. I tried to find someplace where I could get the MP3’s last night, but the one site threw all kinds of nastiness onto my desktop, like a program called IE Security, that masks itself as an antivirus program but is actually just bad news. Took several hours to get all of it off the computer, during which time I kept getting pop ups asking if I wanted to download .avi’s of girls fellating horses and other such things. Annoying as all get out. The worst part of THAT was Stace really wanted to listen to a webcast from Tennessee last night, but I didn’t get this all fixed until this morning.

Also my Aerosmith Greatest and Billy Joel Greatest Hits discs each got broken. Only one of each of the two cd sets, but of course they were each the ones I listened to more. Poopy.


~ by Sean on February 3, 2009.

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