Updates On Stuff

For everyone that’s read the demon movie–No, I don’t have a name for it.  Maggie is gay, and will end up seeing werewolves that will eat her.  If you are a certain ex-girlfriend of mine, your character still lives past the end of the movie.  If you are a certain other ex-girlfriend of mine, you don’t have any scenes other than the one where Alexander freaks out on you in front of the other one.  You’re just not that interesting. 

Guitar Hero is much easier to play than an actual guitar.  Not as likely to cause calluses, either.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is very empty at three in the morning.  Slightly more crowded at six in the morning, slightly less at six at night. 

When your new job tells your department that you’re getting lockers, they won’t be full length ones.  Get your gym suit!!

Paradoxically, After Effects 3.1 doesn’t do nearly as much stuff as 5.5.  Also, if the power switch on your laptop is loose, and only barely starts the start up process before shutting down and then failing then resuming, eventually it WILL turn on but this may only happen once and it’ll shut off as soon as you move it.

Diary of the Dead was a much better movie than people said.  I was very disappointed to see Samuel go. 

I think I only used paradoxically above to use the word paradoxically without talking about two medical people. 

If you turn a portion of your son’s Christmas play video into a commercial for Brush Ups with people’s teeth gleaming, other people including your wife will call you a geek.  They’d probably be right. 

Missing garbage can lids are very annoying.  I’m going to wait to see if it turns up when people put their garbage out.

When you send a link to a question on your blog to your friends, don’t expect them to post.  They will however have an answer when you speak on the phone.


~ by Sean on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Updates On Stuff”

  1. And just so it’s proclaimed publicly before I go to sleep, Bill Myers did NOT insult me, farthest thing from it. You’re a good man, with a good woman, bless your heart.

  2. “Diary of the Dead was a much better movie than people said.”

    Told you.


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