What would come with your action figure?

This is a question that the exsistential side of me has been contemplating for a while now.

Well, that and the fact that I actually HAVE an action figure of me.  And my cousin, and two of my friends.  It was my GI Joe period, so I had a boonie hat, a backpack, and an M-16.  Never did get around to making one of Laughtrack, though….

ANYWAY—here’s the deal.  A toy company coes to you and names you the most interesting person alive.  (And the ones who read this blog are pretty far up there ANYWAY!!  Rule of acquisition number 23–it never hurts to suck up to the boss!)  They want to market you.  You just have to decide what comes with your figure.  So, what is it? 

Huh?  Oh, me?  What would the current me have?  Hmmm.  Have to give that one some thought.(SIX SECONDS LATER–)  A pro video camera, a laptop, several swords, an EMF detector, a microphone, a few scribbled-in notebooks, some DVDs, a bookshelf and a Chrysler. 

So come on–what do all of you have?


~ by Sean on December 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “What would come with your action figure?”

  1. My action figure would be holding a resume in one hand, and an unemployment check in the other.

  2. Mu (in)action figure Two twidable thumbs which you will be able to twidle all the time except when it is using a mouse.

  3. (1) Backback.

    Inside the backpack would be a 500 hundred page notebook filled from begining to end with only the first 20 pages of 25 stories, a second 300 notebook filled with one paragraph outlines for ideas never used, one flask of iced vanilla coffee, a broken down Dell laptop and a bag of home made deer jerky.

    (2) An Ipod filled with ARTC’s complete playlist.

    (3) A book of horror trivia.

    (4) A crossbow, a .40 Storm with two mags, a short sword that doubles as a cross and a blowgun.

    (5) A dog.

    My action figure would be dressed in black BDUs with a black trench coat and a pair of fingerless (at the second knuckle) gloves.

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